EDS Analysis of Nickel (Ni)
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Figure 1825 shows EDS profile of a Zr-Ni thin film.

EDS profile of a Zr-Ni thin film

Figure 1825. EDS profile of a Zr-Ni thin film. [1]

Note that, in practice, Ni X-rays are also generated from SEM/TEM specimen chamber, column and apertures by Rutherford backscattered electrons because these parts of the SEM/TEM systems contain such element. These spurious X-rays can often be detected by the EDS detector. EDS-TEM specimen holders and stray aperture are normally used to reduce such spurious X-rays.






[1] Masahiro Kitada and Fumiyoshi Kirino, Effects of Sputter Order and Oxide Layer on Amorphous Formation of Zr-Ni Thin Film System, Materials Transactions, Vol. 46, No. 2 (2005) pp. 277 to 280.