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 Chapter G 
Gabor defocus Gabor’s (in-line) holography
  Gadolinium doped ceria oxide (GDC)    
  Gain variations in GIF, CCDs & EELS channels    Additional spots due to inadequate gain normalization (in diffractograms obtained by Fourier transformation)
  Gain normalization for EELS measurement    
  EDS measurements of gallium   EELS of gallium (Ga)
  AlGaInP   AlGaAs
  ZnSSe-based/GaAs heterostructures   GaN
  GaP   GaAs
  Compound semiconductor
  Gallium contamination due to FIB milling & in FIB deposits
  Gallium source in dual beam FIB/SEM & single beam FIB   Ga ionic sputter yield in Ga-based FIB & SIMS
  Fraction of backscattered Ga ion in FIB milling and SIMS measurement    
Gamma rays  
  Ce-doped Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet (YAG)    
  EELS of gaseous atoms and molecules   Gas-assisted etching in FIB milling
Gaskets in EMs  
  Introduction of digital micrograph    Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) software package
  GIF mapping module in Digital Micrograph   Gatan FireWire adapter (GFA) (DigiScan/Compliant/Legacy ) software/hardware
  Tags on Gatan Digital Micrograph   Sharpen filter
  Line Annotation with and without Length label on DM   Arrow annotation on DM
  Double arrow annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Box (rectangle) annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Oval annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Spot mask annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Array mask annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Profile function on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Text annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Bandpass mask annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Wedge mask annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Rectangle ROI on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Line ROI on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Point ROI on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Oval ROI on Gatan DigitalMicrograph   Loop ROI and Curve ROI on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
  Gatan Orius SC200D CCD camera    
  Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) software package   Functions in Gatan digital micrograph
  Reinstallation of Gatan DM on PC connected with TEM system   Scripts of input dialogs and popup windows for DM
  Gatan/GIF cameras   Shutters in TEM system
  Entrance aperture in GIF camera   Slits in EELS spectrometer and GIF camera
  Retractable TV-rate camera   Drift tube in GIF system
  Quadrupole lens application in GIF system   Octupole lens application in GIF system
  Sextupole lens application in GIF/EELS systems   Hole mask/entrance mask in GIF system
  Scanning coils in EELS/GIF systems   DigiScan software and hardware
  Gatan PIPS (Precision Ion Polishing System)   Gatan Instrumentation Bin (GIB)
  No GIF images/spectra   GIF controllers
  Contamination of GIF system   GIF gate valve
  Pressurized air for EM parts   Pneumatic apertures
  Water cooling in EMs   Vacuum of GIF camera chamber
  Vacuum of GIF camera chamber   EEL spectra/image shift on camera caused by magnetic objects
  Instability of EEL spectra or images due to GIF charging   Gatan MultiScan camera complete KIT
  Gatan Bioscan Camera    
  Troubleshooting related to GIF software and hardware   Troubleshooting related to DigiScan
  Cathodoluminescence system and their troubleshooting    
Gate in MOS
  Gate in Transistors   Leakage current in gate oxide of MOS
  PVC (passive voltage contrast) of gate contacts   Physical gate length
  Problems in poly-Si gate in ICs    
  Gate oxides   Metal oxides
  Thermodynamic stability of metal gate oxides in ICs    
  Pirani gauge   Penning gauge
Gaudefroyite (Ca4Mn3+2.5(BO3)3(CO3)O2.25(OH)0.75) Gauss' law for magnetism
Gauss' law for electricity Gaussian optics in EMs 
  Deviation of Gaussian distribution of defocus due to chromatic aberration   Gaussian distribution of electron beam intensity/probe tail
  Distortion/asymmetry of X-ray peak from Gaussian shape in EDS   Shape of X-ray peak in EDS measurements
 Gaussian Focus 
  Minimum (phase-)contrast in (HR)TEM imaging with Gaussian defocus    
  Gaussian Focus for Core-Loss EFTEM Imaging     Ronchigram at Gaussian focus
  Generation of defects in Crystals     
  EELS energy resolution limited by geometric aberration   Geometric-aberration free: ideal (first-order) trajectories of electrons
  EDS measurement of germanium   EELS measurement of germanium
  Phase diagram of germanium-X   Extinctions and weak spots showing in electron diffraction patterns of germanium
  Comparison of various X-ray spectrometers   Lithium drifted & intrinsic germanium EDS detectors
  Solid solubility of various impurities in germanium   GexSbyTez (GST)
  Ge-based metallic-glass alloys   SiGe/Si system and its defects
Gibbs free energy
  Gibbs free energy change due to alloy formation
“Ghost Feature” in 2-D diffractograms Gjönnes-Moodie (G-M) extinctions/lines in electron diffraction patterns
Glaser’s “Glockenfeld” (bell-shaped field) in EMs Glide/slip planes and glide/slip directions
  Cooling rate to make metallic glasses from melts   Glass transition of metallic glasses
  Glass forming ability (GFA) from melts   Reduced glass transition temperature
  Critical casting thickness for formation of metallic glass alloys from melts    
Glide dislocation Glide and dislocation loops
  EELS measurement of gold (Au)   EDS measurement of gold (Au)
  HRTEM and diffraction of gold (Au) particles & single crystals   Special application of gold in EM-related devices
  Gold in ICs   Phase diagram of gold-X
  Gold nanoparticles   Au-based metallic-glass alloys
  Adhesion between gold and other materials    
Golden mean/golden ratio and quasicrystals  
Goldschmidt tolerance factor
Goniometer stages in TEMs
  9R structure at grain boundaries in FCC materials   BCC structure at grain boundaries in FCC materials
  HCP structure at grain boundaries in FCC materials   EELS analysis of grain boundaries
  Grain boundary measurements with EBSD    
Grain boundary in polycrystalline materials 
  Crystalline structure of "perfect" grain boundary   Energy of atoms at grain boundaries
  <110> tilt twin and grain boundaries in FCC materials   Σ3 grain and twin boundaries in FCC materials
  Σ11 grain and twin boundaries in FCC materials   Σ43 grain and twin boundaries in FCC materials
  Σ99 grain and twin boundaries in FCC materials   Preferential electron-beam etching of grain boundaries
  Diffusion/penetration/diffusivity of elements through grain boundaries   Preferential ion milling at grain boundaries
  Grain-boundary grooving mechanism/model
  Grain boundary diffusion mechanism of electromigration in interconnects in ICs
  Grain boundary strength   Effect of grain boundary on electrical properties
  Dangling-bonds in grain boundaries   Measurement of elemental segregation at grain boundaries
  Grain growth induced by FIB milling   Crystal growth
 Grain orientation
  Ionic sputter yield depending on grain orientation   Evaluation of grain orientations based on electron backscattering
  Evaluation of grain orientation based on Kikuchi lines/bands   Different TEM techniques for crystalline grains in various sizes
  Orientation relationship between two crystals/grains    
Grain size
  Evaluation of grain size by XRD technique   Grain size dependence of electromigration-induced failures
  Grain size/boundary determination by FIB   Broadening of diffraction intensities depending on grain size
  Analysis of graphene using EMs   Graphite
  Graphite as negative electrodes in lithium batteries    
Grazing incidence optics Great circles in Wulff Net
Grease of vacuum seals Green’s function
  TEM specimen grids for EDS analysis    
Groove edges Gun lens in EMs
Ground-state energy of inner-shell electron Gun-alignment and its coil control system/gun shift and tilt in EMs
Group theory Gun axis in EMs