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 Chapter K
  K-edge of 3d transition elements in EELS    
k-factor correction due to sample thickness effect (x-ray absorption)  
k-factors in EDS/x-rays k-space
K-shell binding energy K-family (Kα & Kβ) X-ray emission
K-shell ionization cross section  
Kalium (K)
  Kalium contamination in IC devices    
Kernel size in NSS EDS analysis (Filter) kernels in image processing
  Indexing Kikuchi lines   Si Kikuchi pattern  
  Kikuchi diffraction pattern from Si [103] zone axis   Evaluation of grain orientation based on Kikuchi lines/bands
  Energy filter applied to observation of Kikuchi lines and bands   Backscattered Kikuchi diffraction (BKD)
  Kikuchi lines & bands in EBSD   Kikuchi pattern contrast of EBSD depending on amorphous layer on surface 
  CBED Kikuchi pattern contrast depending on samples thickness   Overall electron diffraction and Kikuchi lines depending on TEM sample thickness
  Alignment of zone axis following Kikuchi lines by tilting EM samples   Visibility of Kikuchi lines
Killer particles causing IC failure  
  Two-beam kinematic electron scattering/diffraction   Kinematic & quasi-kinematic scattering of electrons
  Kinematical effects of PED (precession electron diffraction)   Kinematically forbidden reflections in electron diffraction patterns
  Relation of kinetic energies of secondary electrons in vacuum and specimen    Kinetic energy of electrons after passing specimen in TEM  
  Measurement of kinetic energy of electrons   Spread of the kinetic electron energy   
  Kinetic energy of secondary electron    
  Energy transfer for atomic displacement/knock-on process due to electron irradiation   Knock-on threshold of chemical elements due to electron irradiation in bulk
  Knock-on threshold of chemical elements due to electron irradiation at sample surface   Minimization of atom knock-on in EMs
  Cross-sections of surface sputtering/knock-on induced by electron irradiation   Sputtering/knock-on of atoms from beam-exit surface of TEM sample
KOH (potassium hydroxide) etching  
Kossel-Möllenstedt (K-M) fringes Kossel lines in x-ray diffraction
Kramers–Kronig analysis Kramers' law: intensity of bremsstrahlung X-rays
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