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 Chapter N 
n-contacts/n-well contacts in ICs 
  PVC of n-well contacts in ICs   PVC of n-contacts in p-well in ICs
  PVC of p-contacts in n-well in ICs    
Nabarro–Herring creep: Void formation  
  Probe shift in TEM system when switching between NBD and other modes   Strain measurement with nanobeam diffraction (NBD)
  Comparison between CBED and SAD (selected area diffraction)    
TEM/STEM holders for in-situ nano-indentation  
Nanometer sized objects
  EELS analysis of nanometer sized objects   Applications of plasmon mode in EELS for nanostructures
  Requirements and preparation of nano-particles TEM samples   Diffraction analysis of small area or nanoparticles by TEM and XRD
  Carbon supports for EM analysis   Poor signal-to-noise-ratio for EELS of nanostructures
  Challenges of TEM analysis on nanoparticles   Lattice-fringe/structural fingerprinting
  Structural properties of nanomaterials   Lattice parameter measurement of single particles
  XRD analysis of particles and nanostructures   Precession electron diffraction applications on nanostructures
  Energy level diagrams for single atoms, dimers, clusters & bulk materials   Melting point of nano-structures
  Number of atoms at surface of and in nanoparticles   Electron holography study of nanoparticles
  Nano-dendrites and their formation    
NanoMEGAS systems Nanoprobing technique for IC failure analysis
Nearest neighbor distances
  Study of nearest neighbor distances by EXELFS    
Near Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS)
Negative (anode) & positive (cathode) electrode materials for lithium batteries  
Negative charging case of passive voltage contrast (PVC) in SEM Negative spherical aberrations
Neon (Ne)
  EELS measurement of neon (Ne) element   Neon (Ne) ion sputtering yield in milling
Neutron diffraction  
Newton-Lorentz equation Newton’s law in EMs
  EELS Measurement of Nickel (Ni)   EDS analysis of nickel (Ni)
  Zrx–Nby–Cuz–Nim–Aln alloys   Ni-doped Fe/nickel in iron
  X-Ni phase diagrams   Ni-based metallic-glass alloys
  Diffusion coefficients of elements in nickel   Ni-Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ)
  Ni5P2   Atomic number contrast of nickel (Ni)
  Nickel application in microelectronics   Nickel Silicide Failure Modes in IC devices
  Comparison between nickel silicides and cobalt silicides    
  EELS measurement of niobium (Nb)    EDS measurement of niobium (Nb)
  Lead magnesium niobate [Pb(Mgm/nNbn-m/n)O3, PMNO]   K2O·7Nb2O5 crystals
  PbxNb1.17W1.0O5.93+x   Zrx–Nby–Cuz–Nim–Aln alloys
  Misfit layer chalcogenides: (AX)1+δ(BX2)n (A =ˆ rare earth/Sn/Pb/Sb/Bi; B =ˆ Ti/V/Cr/Nb/Ta; X =ˆ S/Se)   Niobium tungsten oxides
  NaNbO3   Niobium oxides
  Atomic number contrast of niobium (Nb)   Nb-based metallic-glass alloys
  EELS of nitrogen (N)   EDS measurement of nitrogen
  Atomic-number contrast of nitrogen ions   Liquid nitrogen
  X-N phase diagrams   Nitride semiconductors
  AlN   GaN
  InN   Silicon nitride (Si3N4)
  TaSiNx   Oxynitride 
  Cu/TiN/TiSi2/Si Contacts 
  Nitrogen atmosphere for annealing for semiconductors   Copper (Cu) with dielectric diffusion barrier SiCxNy
  Compound semiconductor   Silicon/nitrogen implantation application to suppress IC failure
  Nitrogen solubility in materials   Nitrogen and its application in EMs
  NH3   Boron nitride (BN)
NiFe Nobel Prize awarded in the fields of TEM and materials
 Noble Gases 
  Noble gases in periodic table      
Node (in ICs)  
  Dark current noise   Noise in STEM imaging
  Noise intensity of diffractograms   Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) in the EELS Spectrum 
  Electron beam current noise in EMs   Poor signal-to-noise-ratio for EELS of nanostructures
  Electronic noise in TEM/STEM/SEM/EELS/EDS systems   Noise peaks in EDS measurement
  Streaking/noise artifact in TEM/STEM images  
Noise reduction
  Artifact reduction in EM image recording   Noise reduction by binning in CCD
  Mean filters for noise reduction   Deconvolution for noise reduction in EEL spectra
Non-centrosymmetric space groups  
Nondestructive: Visual inspection for destructive and/or nondestructive analysis of IC devices Non-linear lossless dielectrics
Non-linear lossy dielectrics Non visible defects: Identification of soft failure and non visible defects in ICs
  Iso-chromatic imaging in EFTEM    
Non-linear components of TEM image intensity    
Nonmetals in periodic table   Notation list in the book
  Crystallographic point group notations/description    
  Crystallographic space group notations/description   Hermann-Mauguin/international notations for symmetry elements
  Nonvolatile electrical memory devices    
  Kernel size in NSS EDS analysis    
  Nucleation rate
  Interaction between incident electron beam and atomic nuclei     
  Number of electrons in electron beam in EMs   Number of diffraction spots formed on screen/detector in TEM
  Number of valence electrons involved in plasmon scattering   Number of lattice points (atoms) per unit cell
Numerical aperture Nyquist frequency/Nyquist limit  
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