Practical Electron Microscopy and Database - An Online Book
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 Chapter U
  Ultrathin TEM specimen prepared by FIB milling   Ultrathin specimen preparation by low-energy Ar-ion milling
  Ultrathin window (UTW) on EDS detector   Ultrastructure
  Ultraviolet light   Vacuum levels and UHV (ultra-high vacuum) in EMs
  Pumps for high and ultra-high vacuums   Ultrahigh voltage TEMs
Unequivocal space groups  
  Unoccupied energy levels in conduction band (EELS)    
  TEM contrast and underfocus   Underfocusing objective lens in TEMs
  Defocus/overfocus/underfocus in Ronchigrams    
Unit conversion, and chemical and physical constants  
 Unit cells in crystals (Space group)
  High resolution TEM imaging dependence on unit cell size   Temperature dependence of unit cell volume in crystals
  Determination of primitive unit cell by electron diffraction   Volume of unit cells
  Number of lattice points (atoms) per unit cell   Asymmetric units in unit cells
  Determination of unknown crystal structures    
  EDS measurement of uranium (U)    
  Maximum usable illumination angle in STEM   Not all aberration correctors are useful/economic for EMs or applications (limitations)
  Useful energy range in EELS measurements    
Upper- & lower- objective polepiece in TEMs/STEMs User training for EM operations
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