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 Chapter V 
  III-V compounds    
  Vacancy concentration at surface   Vacancy concentration in bulk
  Clustering of vacancies into dislocation loops   Detection of vacancies
  Vacancy detection by elemental diffusion   Vacancy generation in FIB milling
  Point defects (vacancy & interstitial) generated in Ar-milling    
  ACD (anti-contamination device) operation on TEM system   Vacuum levelsin EMs & units conversion
  Mechanical vacuum pumps   Vacuum levels and UHV (ultra-high vacuum) in EMs
  Grease of vacuum seals   Vacuum contamination in EMs
  Vacuum of GIF camera chamber   Vacuum sealed electron transparent windows for in-situ TEM
  Vacuum evaporator in EMs   Vacuum range/efficiency & pump combination
  Vacuum at EM stages   Vacuum requirements of EMs for microelectronics industry
  Vacuum of electron source/gun    
van der Waals bonding-type substances  
  Valence electron energy loss spectroscopy (VEELS)   Excitation of the valence-band/outer-shell electrons due to energetic electron irradiation
  Density of valence electrons of materials   Valence state controlled by charge neutrality
  Comparison between VEELS and conventional optical spectroscopy   Outer d shell electrons
  Analysis of valence states by white-lines in EELS   Conduction- & valence-band offsets
  Comparison between valence band (outer) and core (inner) electrons   Inelastic scattering from outer-shell electrons shown in EELS profile
  Valence electron energy modified by bond formation   Oxidation states (oxidation number, degree of oxidation) in periodic table
  Atomic & ionic radii and valence states of chemical elements in periodic table    
  GIF gate valve   Switching valves
  Misfit layer chalcogenides: (AX)1+δ(BX2)n (A =ˆ rare earth/Sn/Pb/Sb/Bi; B =ˆ Ti/V/Cr/Nb/Ta; X =ˆ S/Se)   EELS measurement of vanadium (V)
van de Graaff generators  
Vernier structures Vector description of crystal dislocations
Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) for ICs Via overetch detected by IR-OBIRCH
  Mechanical vibration effects on EMs   Vibration of atoms induced by electron irradiation
  Vibrational spectroscopy in EELS   Vibration of atoms/phonon
Video recording software on EMs Viewing screen/fluorescent screen in EMs
Visual inspection for destructive and/or nondestructive analysis of IC devices Virtual objective aperture (VOA) in TEM/STEM
Virtual objective aperture (VOA) in SEM VO2, V2O3, V6O13, and several Magnéli phase (VnO2n-1)
  Visibility of electron diffraction   Visibility/contrast of dislocations and stacking faults in TEM and EMs
  Visibility of Kikuchi lines   Visible light
  Visibility/contrast of images    
  Voids formed in Si at contact interfaces   Void formation and circuit opening due to electromigration in ICs
  Void detection in ICs   Void-formation-induced failure in cobalt silicidation in ICs
  Void formation by Nabarro–Herring creep    
Void/bubble/hole in materials
  TEM detection limit of bubble/void/holes in materials   TEM/HRTEM contrast of bubble/void/holes in materials
  Ultrahigh voltage TEMs   Voltage centering in TEM
  Light-induced voltage alteration (LIVA)   Thermally induced voltage alteration (TIVA)
  Voltage of incident electrons for EELS measurements    Voltage at biprism filament in off-axis electron holography
  Voltage doubler   Voltage axis in TEM
  Passive voltage contrast (PVC) in FIB and SEM   Active voltage contrast (AVC) in FIB and SEM
  Positive charging case of passive voltage contrast (PVC) in FIB and SEM   Negative charging case of passive voltage contrast (PVC) in SEM
  Artifacts in passive voltage contrast (PVC) in FIB and SEM   Short failure in IC devices detected by passive voltage contrast (PVC)
  Capacitive coupling voltage contrast (CCVC)   Dynamic characteristics of voltage contrast
  Interval scan of electron beam enhancing voltage contrast    
Volume of unit cells  
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