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 Chapter W 
Water cooling in EMs Water (H2O) ice in EM measurements 
  Wave aberration function   Influence of diffraction on quantum wave of charged particles
  Wave-particle duality    
Wave vector 
  Wave vector of incident electron   Scattering vector/transferred wave vector after electron scattering with matter
  Wave vector of scattered electron in TEM    
Wavefunction: Electron wavefunction
  Plane wave of electron beam   Plane wave and interference pattern in electron holography
  Wavefunction in defocusing plane in TEM imaging   Wavefunction affected by aberrations in CTEM
  Wavefunction affected by aberrations in STEM   Exit plane/object wave function from TEM specimen
  Electron wavefunction in image plane in real space and reciprocal space   Wave function of focused probe in STEM/SEM
  Exit wavefunction & intensity from STEM specimen    
"Waveguide" effect in EMs  
  Wavelength/electron velocity/high voltage    Wavelength of lights
  Wavelength (energy) of X-ray "particles" (photons)    
  Comparison of various X-ray spectrometers    
  Weak-phase-objects (WPO) in TEM & weak phase object approximation (WPOA)   Weak scattering in some materials in TEM observations
  TEM sample thickness satisfying weak phase criterion   Weak phase object methods in image series reconstruction with TEM
  Extinctions and weak spots showing in electron diffraction patterns of diamond, silicon, germanium, and Tin (Sn)   Energy filter applied to observation of weak reflections in electron diffractions
  Weak spots related to superstructures in electron diffractions   Pseudo-weak phase-object approximation
  Weak-beam (WB) technique in TEM    
World Wide Web (website) & Internet for electron microscope and materials Wedge mask annotation on Gatan DigitalMicrograph
Wedge-shaped structures
  EDS artifact of wedge-shaped TEM specimen   Applications of wedge-shaped TEM specimen in EM analysis
  Wedge polishing method for TEM specimen preparation   Wedge FIB milling method for TEM specimen preparation
Wehnelt unit in electron source Weiss zone law
White lines in EELS Whole-pattern symmetry
  Zero-loss peak in EELS and its broadening/width   Width of energy peaks/edges in EELS spectrum
  Widths of X-ray peaks in EDS measurement   Interference width in off-axis hologram
  Widths of dislocations    
  Vacuum sealed electron transparent windows for in-situ TEM   Windowless' EDS detector
  Infrared windows   X-ray absorption in detector windows
Wien filter   WIEN2k
Wiener filter method for image series reconstruction with TEM Wigner-Seitz cell
  Copper windings of wire in electromagnetic lenses    
Wobblers in EMs
  Wobbler for condenser lens excitation in TEM/STEM   Wobbler for high tension (HT wobbler) in TEM/STEM
  Wobbler for coma-free alignment with beam tilt   Wobbler for pivot point/rocking point/(Shift X/Y & Tilt X/Y, purity or balance)
  Wobbler for finding Eucentric height of specimen in TEM   Anode wobbler in TEM
  Contrast dependence on working distance in SEM   Working distance in FIB processes
  Angle between two planes/plane normals/poles measured by Wulff net   Aberrations versus working distance in SEMs
Wurtzite structure Wyckoff positions
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