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Polymer TEM Sample Preparation
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In Focused Ion Beam (FIB) TEM sample preparation, polymer tends to bend, roll and melt under FIB induced thermal stress [1]. Actually, delamination of the stacked metal and polymer layers can be possible. 

Sample-mount method can result in different bending characteristics. For instance, as shown in Figure 1229, side-mount polymer lamella develops very strong bending, so that further thinning is not possible. However, bottom-mount develops less bending.

side-mount polymer lamella
side-mount polymer lamella
bottom-mount polymer lamella
Figure 1229. (a) and (b) side-mount polymer lamella, and (c) bottom-mount polymer lamella. Adapted from [2]












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[2] X2 STEM Lamella Preparation from Multi-composite Organic Electronic Devices with ZEISS FIB-SEMs, ZEISS.