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Gatan Orius SC200D CCD Camera
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The side-mounted Gatan Orius SC200D camera is a cooled CCD and lens-coupled to the robust scintillator. This special design allows this digital CCD camera to be used to record TEM images as well as diffraction patterns, including selected area electron diffraction (SAED), CBED and spot patterns, without “blooming”, streaking or CCD damage. However, the SC200D camera is not a high resolution camera for TEM imaging.

Gatan Orius SC200D camera

Figure 1258. Gatan Orius SC200D camera. [1]

Table 1258. Main specifications of Gatan Orius SC200D CCD camera.

Item Parameter
Applications Record both TEM images and diffraction patterns
Active pixels of sensor 2048 x 2048
Pixel size 7.4 μm
Location in TEM Normally above the viewing chamber
Maximum TEM operating voltage 400 kV
CCD active area 15 x 15 mm
Anti-blooming On-chip (100x full well)
Coupling Custom lens (1:1)
Readout speed 30 / 5 MHz
Frame rate ≤30 fps (frames per second)
Exposure setting 0.001 – 100 s
Computer—camera interface IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800)







[1] https://www.gatan.com.