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Tags on Gatan Digital Micrograph
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Tags based on Digital Micrograph present information stored in a hierarchical structure so-called Tag Group. The tags of any DM image can be accessed, read, changed, and even created mainly in two ways:

        i)  Go to DM, then Display > Image Info ...> Image > Tags, and then you can see the screen shoot in Figure 1332 (b). These Tags are obtained from an original DM image (download link) with its screen shoot as shown in Figure 1332 (a). If a specific tag is double-clicked, then the tag can be modified, for instance shown in Figure 1332 (c) and (d).

Tags on Gatan DM
Tags on DM
Change Tags on DM
Change Tags on DM
Figure 1332. (a) Screen shoot of a DM image (downloadable link), (b) Tags of the image, (c) Edit Tag window of a Tag, and (d) The Tag after changed ("a" is changed to "one").

        ii) Use scripting language. For instance, the .s scrip (file link) generates the downloadable DM image mentioned in Figure 1332 (a), containing Tags shown in Figure 1332 (b).

Note that editing tags is a very advanced use of DM so that in general it is not suggested to do so. Otherwise, it is possible to make images unloadable after editing tags.