EELS Measurements of Yttrium (Y)
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Table 1388a lists the main edges of Y used in EELS analysis. The features of the Y M4,5 edges are complicated due to the 3d → 4f transitions.

Table 1388a. Main edges of Y used in EELS analysis.

Edge onsets (eV)
M4,5 158
L2,3 2041

In order to record the signals of Y together with other elements in a single EEL spectrum, a proper edge of Y should be selected. For instance, Table 1388b lists some application examples of Y edges used in the particular cases.

Table 1388b. Application examples of the Y edges used in particular cases.
Analyzing elements
Y-edge (eV)
Other elements and their edge(eV)
SiY alloy Si, Y M4,5 Si L: 99