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Bipolar Resistive Switching in Perovskite Insulators
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It is believed that bipolar switching in perovskite insulators, e.g. many perovskite-type transition metal oxides, is attributed to oxygen vacancy migration induced by voltage within extended defects and the metal-to-insulator transition due to redox-process.

Table 1809. Examples of perovskite structures used for bipolar switching.

Perovskite for switching Electrodes Resistance switching ratio Endurance/
 sweep cycles
Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 (PCMO) Al and Ti     [1]
SrZrO3 : Cr        [2]
a-SrTiO3   103–104 >106 [3]
LaTiO3   ~100   [4]
YBa2Cu3O6+c (YBCO)       [5]
La0.01Sr0.99TiO3       [6]



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