Knock-on Damage in EM Measurements
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Figure 2233 shows a boron monovacancy [1, 2] (indicated by the darkest contrast in (a)), in single-layered h-BN (hexagonal boron-nitride), induced by the knock-on effect.

A boron monovacancy in defective single-layered hexagonal boron-nitride

Figure 2233. (a) A boron monovacancy shown by the darkest contrast in the HAADF-STEM image of single-layered h-BN and (b) A corresponding atomic model (red: nitrogen, blue: boron). Adapted from [3]





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[3] Kazu Suenaga, Haruka Kobayashi, and Masanori Koshino, Core-Level Spectroscopy of Point Defects in Single Layer h-BN, Physical Review Letters, 108, 075501 (2012).



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