Tin (Sn)
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Tin metal and its oxides are important in many applications related to semiconductor devices, solar energy cells, heterogeneous catalysts, and protective coatings.

Table 2303. Properties of tin metal.

Density (g-cm-3)


Specific heat (cp, Jkg-1K-1)


Heat conductivity (kh,Wcm-1K-1)


Melting temperature (Tm, °C)

Vapor pressure at melting point
< 10-11 Torr

Vaporization temperature (Tv, °C)


Melt heat (Qm, J-g-1)


Vaporization heat (Qv, J-g-1)

Absorption (1-R)
0.45 for 1 µm light

Figure 2303a shows the solid solubility of some impurities (including Sn) in silicon.

Solid solubility of impurities in silicon

Figure 2303a. Solid solubility of impurities in silicon.

Figure 2303b shows the solubility for impurities (including Sn) in SiC.

Solubility for impurities in SiC

Figure 2303b. Solubility for impurities in SiC.



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