Examples of FIB Specifications
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Table 2476a. Examples of FIB specifications.

Ion source
Ga+ liquid metal ion source (LMIS)
Spatial resolution
4~7 nm @ 30 kV
Pixel resolution
512 x 442, 1024 x 884, 2048 x 1768, 4078 x 1254

Image processing

Pixel averaging, frame/line averaging and integration
Accelerating voltage
1 to 30 kV
30 X (for wide view)
100 X to 500k X
Beam current
<0.1 pA - 50 nA
Current density
10 Acm-2
Working distance
5~7 mm
Sample navigation
5-axes motorized x-y-z-rotate-tilt stage
x and y-axis
≤100 mm
20-43 mm
Stage repeatability in x,y
0.5 µm
Tilt range
-10 to 60 degrees
360 continuous
Flip stage

Stores six TEM half-grids, tilts through 150 degrees to allow samples to be oriented for milling and for STEM imaging.

Minimum Dwell Time
50 ns/pixel
Electronic scan rotation
n x 360 degrees
Beam blanking speed
< 100 ns
Chamber: Everhart-Thornley type SE detector
Secondary ions detector
In-lens: High efficiency annular type SE detector
Chamber: IR-CCD cameras
Chamber: BSE detector
Chamber: BF/DF STEM detector
Image processing
Pixel averaging, frame averaging, continuous averaging
Gas injection
Up to 2 different solid state precursors and 4 different gaseous or liquid precursors: Deposition of Pt, W, C, and/or silicon oxide; Etching with F- and H2O based gas precursors
Milling, deposition, and maskless lithography: To special problems, but is not suited for mass production
System control
User interface based on Windows operating system, controlled by mouse, key board, joystick and control panel
Space requirement

Footprint: 2.3 m x 2.7 m; Working area: 2.7 m x 3.8 m

Table 2476b. Examples of SEM specifications in FIB.

Electron source
Schottky Field Emission Gun (SFEG); Thermal field emission type
Acceleration voltage
0.1 - 30 kV
Probe current
4 pA - 50 nA
20 x - 900k x
Image processing
Pixel averaging, frame averaging, continuous averaging
Resolutions /
5.5 nm @ 0.5 kV
2.5 ~ 3.0 nm @ 1 kV
2.0 nm @ 5 kV
1.1 nm @ 20 kV
1.1 ~ 3.0 nm @ 30 kV
Secondary Electron Detector (SED)
Back Scatter (BS) detectors
Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector





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