Manufacturers/Companies Producing FIB & EM Instruments
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The main manufacturers that produce FIB instruments are:
        i) FAI,
        ii) FEI,
        iii) Hitachi,
        iv) JEOL,
        v) Metron/Seiko,
        vi) Micrion,
        vii) NANOFAB,
        viii) Schlumberger.

The main manufacturers that produce TEM instruments are:
        i) Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH (A Carl Zeiss SMT AG Company),
        ii) JEOL Ltd,
        iii) FEI Company (previously Philips),
        iv) Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation,
        v) RHEED/LEED optics, Staib Instruments,
        vi) SPECS Scientific Instruments, Inc,
        vii) Princeton Research Instruments, Inc,
        viii) Kimball Physics,
        ix) Omicron, NanoTechnology GmbH.

In modern TEMs, the major manufacturers (e.g. JEOL and FEI) of electron microscopes offer instruments that are closely matched each other in performance.

The main manufacturers that produce other EM instruments are:
        i) Agilent Technologies ,
        ii) Carl Zeiss Group,
        iii) FEI Company,
        iv) Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation,
        v) JEOL Ltd,
        vi) Nikon Corporation,
        vii) Olympus Corporation,
        viii) Seiko Instruments,
        ix) Thermo Fisher Scientific,
        x) NanoMEGAS systems.

The main manufacturers that produce cathodoluminescence (CL) systems are:
        i) Gatan, Inc, Pleasanton, CA, USA:
        i.a) Gatan MonoCL4 cathodoluminescence spectrometer: cathodoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy system compatible with various SEM, combined FIB/SEM, and ion microscopes. This spectrometer uses photomultiplier modules and a mirror arrangement to direct the light to the optics.
        i.b) ChromaCL2 iBSED Detector: A color cathodoluminescence imaging system for use in SEMs.

TEM sample preparation and microscopy suppliers are:
        i) Structure Probe, Inc./SPI Supplies
        ii) Electron Microscopy Sciences
        iii) Ted Pella Inc