Fourier Coefficients of Electrostatic Potential
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The Fourier coefficients (Φhkl) of an electrostatic potential φ(x, y, z) in a crystal can be given by,

         Fourier Coefficients of Electrostatic Potential ------------------ [2717]
         Ω -- The volume of the unit cell (= a · (b × c)),
         a, b, c -- The basis vectors of the unit cell,
         h, k, l -- The Miller indices of the reflecting net plane,
         x, y, z -- The fractional coordinates of atoms in the unit cell.

Note that the dimension of the Fourier coefficients (Φhkl) is volts times cube of length. The physics meaning of these mathematical Fourier coefficients is the electron waves that are scattered by the electrostatic potential of the crystal in the directions determined by Bragg’s law.




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