Lattice-Fringe Visibility Maps
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Fringe-visibility map can be formed by the ensemble of all the visibility bands of a spherical crystal. As an example, in Figure 2728a, four crystal directions are marked. For this cubic lattice, the band perpendicular to the crystal direction of [010] is that of the (020) lattice planes, etc. The band map not only provides the information of the crystal lattice symmetry and spacing, but also reflects the TEM spatial resolution because only the resolvable lattice-plane sets can be shown on the map.

fringe-visibility map for a spherical fcc crystal

Figure 2728a. A fringe-visibility map for a spherical fcc crystal. [1]





[1] P. Fraundorf, Wentao Qin, Peter Moeck, Eric Mandell, Making sense of nanocrystal lattice fringes, Journal of Applied Physics 98, 114308 (2005).




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