Applicable Larger Convergence Angle in Aberration-Corrected EMs
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The convergence angles of the illumination in aberration-corrected EMs (electron microscopes) can be larger than those in uncorrected instruments [1] because of less effects on the  spatial resolution. Therefore, the larger amount of electrons with the larger convergence angles can be collected from the electron source, resulting in higher intensity and shorter exposure time. On the other hand, because the illumination tilt will not induce further aberrations in the corrected EMs, the illumination tilt can now be used to compensate for global specimen tilt.





[1] Haider, M., Rose, H., Uhlemann, S., Kabius, B. & Urban, K. (1998). Towards 0.1 nm resolution with the first spherically
corrected transmission electron microscope. J Elect Microsc 47, 395–405.




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