Time to Electromigration-induced Failures
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The times to electromigration-induced failures are lognormally distributed as given by, [1]

        times to electromigration-induced failures ---------------------- [2887a]
         σ -- The standard deviation of ln(t),
         t -- The time to electromigration-induced failure,
         t50 -- The median time to failure (MTTF).          

MTTF is related to the number, type, and distribution of structural defects [2].

The failure distribution function for the lines, Gsp(t), can be given by [3],

        times to electromigration-induced failures ---------------------- [2887b]
         Np -- The number (=w/d) of parallel units,
         Ns -- The number of units which is approximately equal to the line length divided by the grain size, l/d.
        times to electromigration-induced failures ---------------------- [2887c]

f(z) is given by Equation 2887a.








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