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Medium Range Ordering (MRO) in Materials
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Atomic structure ordering in materials can be categorized by::
        i) Short range ordering (SRO).
        ii) Medium range ordering (MRO).
        iii) Long range ordering (LRO).

Both SRO and MRO are normally used to describe the atomic ordering phenomena in materials which are not in long range order.

For instance, Figure 3103 shows a HRTEM image and its FFT pattern for an as-sputtered amorphous Ge53Te47 thin film (20 nm). MRO with a fringe spacing of ~0.317 nm are presented in the HRTEM image even though they are not shown in the FFT pattern.

medium-range ordering

Figure 3103. HRTEM image and its FFT pattern (in the inset) of an amorphous Ge53Te47 thin film. [1]







[1] Vorgelegt Von, Quantitative TEM analysis of crystalline and amorphous GeTe-based chalcogenides, M.Sc. thesis, (2009).



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