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Evaluation of Grain Size by XRD Technique
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This book (Practical Electron Microscopy and Database) is a reference for TEM and SEM students, operators, engineers, technicians, managers, and researchers.


In XRD measurements, the grain size (D) is evaluated using Scherrer’s formula,

        D = (k·λ) /(b·cosθ) ------------------------------------- [3160a]

        k = 0.94.
        λ -- The wavelength of radiation, e.g. λ = 0.154056 nm if the sample is analyzed with Cu-Kα radiation.
        b -- The Full width at half maximum (FWHM).
        θ -- The diffraction angle.

The wavelength of other radiations is given by,

        wavelength of radiation-------------------------------- [3160b]

Here, the X-ray photon energy (E) is listed in page4672.


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