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Classification of Vacuum Pumps
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Table 3172a lists the overall classification of vacuum pumps. Note that gas-displacement vacuum pumps can be used without limitation, but gas-binding vacuum pumps have a limited gas absorption capacity so that they need to be regenerated at certain intervals.

Table 3172a. Overall classification of vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pumps
Gas transfer vacuum pumps
Gas-binding vacuum pumps
Gas-displacement vacuum pumps
Kinetic vacuum pumps
Ion transfer pump

Table 3172b. Oscillation displacement pumps.

Oscillation displacement pumps
Diaphragm pump
Piston pump

Table 3172c. Double-rotor displacement pumps.

Double-rotor displacement pumps
Screw pump
Roots pump
Claw-type piston pump

Table 3172c. Single-rotor displacement pumps.

Single-rotor displacement pumps
Rotary vane pump, e.g. Multi-cell pump
Liquid ring pump
Rotary piston pump
External vane pump

Table 3172d. Mechanical kinetic pumps.

Mechanical kinetic pumps
Turbopumps, e.g. Axial pump and radial pump
Gas ring (side channel) pump
Molecular pump, e.g. Turbomolecular pump

Table 3172e. Propellant pumps.

Propellant pumps
Diffusion ejector pump
Propellant jet pump, e.g. Liquid Jet pump and steam jet pump

Table 3172f. Adsorption pumps.

Adsorption pumps
Getter pumps, e.g. ion getter pump, massive getter pump, and sublimation vaporization pump







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