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EEL Spectra/Image Shift on Camera Caused by Magnetic Objects
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Magnetic objects can cause shift of EEL spectra or images on EELS cameras (e.g. GIF camera). These magnetic objects can be:
        i) Local magnetic environment.
        ii) Distortion of the earth magnetic field caused by large ferromagnetic objects.
        iii) Magnetic objects attached to any part of the GIF. Note that some materials used in the GIF are magnetic to ensure good shielding from external stray fields. If these materials are magnetized with a strong magnetic field, they may retain some magnitization even after the magnetic field has been removed. This residual magnetic field may cause permanent shifts of the EEL spectra or images.

In any case above, the electron beam going into the EELS cameras may be deflected, resulting in the shift of the images and/or spectra either temporarily or permanently.



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