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Dielectric Constant of Ferroelectric Crystals
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In some ferroelectric crystals, the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant can be reasonably accurately represented by the Curie-Weiss law,
         ε - ε0 = C/(T-T0) ------------------------- [3345]
         C -- The Curie constant.
         ε -- The permittivity of the material.
         ε0 -- The permittivity of vacuum.         
         T0 -- The Curie-Weiss temperature, which in general differs from the Curie temperature (Tc).

Equation 2382a indicates that when the temperature of the crystal is close to T0, the dielectric constant becomes very large.

In some ferroelectrics, Tc is aproximately equal to T0, while in others Tc is far from T0.



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