Sample Storage in TEMs and Operation Time Reduction
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Most commercial TEM systems allow only one sample to be stored in it at a time. However, some specially designed TEMs have the capability of multiple sample storage. For instance, it was proposed [1] that up to five sample cartridges can be loaded into the microscope simultaneously, evacuated, and then inserted into the observation position one-by-one by computer control. Figure 3575 shows the magazine that holds the cartridges for different working positions of the sample storage/loading. In this way, the TEM user can select any one of the five samples for observation by computer control. Moreover, while the observation session is proceeding, a second magazine can be prepared with its complement of samples by the next user for reducing operation time.

sample storage and loading mechanism in TEM

Figure 3575. (a) The storage magazine, and (b)–(e) Schematic
illustration of the sample storage and loading mechanism [1].




[1] Krivanek OL, Corbin GJ, Dellby N, Elston BF, Keyse RJ, Murfitt MF, Own CS, Szilagyi ZS, Woodruff JW. An electron microscope for the aberration-corrected era, Ultramicroscopy, 108 (2008) 179–195.