Dynamical Effects of PED (Precession Electron Diffraction)
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It is well-known that dynamical effects can be reduced by selecting thin areas of a specimen. On the other hand, as mentioned on page2732, if the electron beam is tilted slightly away from the zone axis of the crystal in the specimen, the dynamical effects will be reduced.

PED (precession electron diffraction) patterns are less dynamical. Actually, the main advantage of precession electron diffraction (PED) technique is to remove strong dynamical effects from the diffraction patterns and to provide more kinematical data, e.g. remove extra spots induced by dynamical effects. Given a large precession angle, the kinematical forbidden reflections can be identified [1].






[1] J. P. Morniroli, A. Redjaïmia, S. NIcolopoulos, Ultramicroscopy 107 (2007) 514.