Scanning Coils in EELS/GIF Systems
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A deflector for electron-beam deflection in EMs has been applied to align, tilt, shift, scan the electron beam, and so on. The deflector, usually including a pair of deflection coils, is called the double-deflection system.

Scanning coil can be installed in EELS systems. The spectrum is scanned across the energy selecting slit (in Figure 3934) in the GIF camera by applying a ramp voltage to the high-tension supply in order to keep the illumination constant in size. On the other hand, scan coils can also be used to deflect the TEM image and diffraction pattern across the entrance aperture to obtain a line scan at a specific energy loss.

Schematic of GIF (Gatan Imaging Filter) Tridiem camera

Figure 3934. Schematic illustration of a GIF (Gatan Imaging Filter) camera.




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