Reinstallation of Gatan Digital Microgaph Software
on PC Connected with TEM System
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It is not unusual that the Gatan DM (Digital Micrograph) package on the computer connected with TEM system crashes, especially when some improper settings had been made, some improper scripts had been installed, some controller was turned off, TEM remote was not working, DM loaded large images, there was a physical problem with the storage media, hardware malfunctions, natural causes, viruses, software errors, or some human errors. However, reinstalling the DM application package will fix the issue.

Before you reinstall it, be sure that:
     a) Necessary hardwares are connected and selected before reinstallation. To do so, follow the reinstallation steps below to select the hardware.
     b) Back up the three preferences files, located in c:/Program Files/Gatan/Digital Micrograph/Pefs
     c) Back up the reference images, located in c:/Program Files/Gatan/Digital Micrograph/Reference Images/

Then, you can reinstall the software by two different methods:

Method 1: Reinstall it by selecting the “Repair” option in the setup program.

     First run setup.exe from the Gatan Microscopy Suite Installation CD (or DVD) and then, select “Repair” at the Maintenance Type window.      The installer will reinstall the previously installed Gatan Microscopy components.

Method 2: Freshly reinstall.
The reinstallation steps are as follows:

     a) Uninstall everything
     b) Run Setup.exe. Choose to remove licenses as well.
     c) Install licenses from CD
     d) Install GMS using setup.exe

Figure 3978 shows an example of system configuration in the installation setup page. Normally you just need to accept all defaults in the selection table (because Gatan had selected them for you before the hardware and software were shipped); however, you still need to double-check if the boxes are correctly selected or not. In this example, the TEM system which connected with the DM package was JEOL COM, the Acquisition Devices was US 894/895 Camera, and the Spectrometers were JEOL COM Energy filter only.

an example of system configuration in the installation setup page

Figure 3978. An example of system configuration in the installation setup page.

If you want to have the original settings back to your DM user interface, you can copy the old files to replace the corresponding new files in the same folders:

     a) Paste back the three old preferences files to c:/Program Files/Gatan/Digital Micrograph/Pefs
     b) Paste back the reference images to c:/Program Files/Gatan/Digital Micrograph/Reference Images/

Similar to backing up the old files, you need to back up the new files (created by the new installation/reinstallation) in the same folders. In case you have other problems, you will simply replace the old files with the new ones.



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