TEM Sample Preparation by FIB
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This book (Practical Electron Microscopy and Database) is a reference for TEM and SEM students, operators, engineers, technicians, managers, and researchers.



The advantages of FIB-TEM sample preparation include site specificity at the sub-micrometer scale and homogeneous thinning of the samples consisting of multi-layers of different phases or containing two-phase interfaces.

Except that basic requirements of TEM specimen need to be paid attention to, additional requirements in FIB-TEM sample preparation are:

       i) Minimize the amorphised layers on the two surfaces of the specimen,
       ii) Minimize the surface contamination and damage caused by the Ga+ beam [1],
       iii) Avoid bending of the thin foil [2],
       iv) The specimen is thick enough so that the unaffected materials can still represent the bulk material which is studied.




[1] Hata, S. et al. (2006) Removing focused ion-beam damages on transmission electronmicroscopy specimens by using a plasma cleaner. J. ElectronMicrosc. 55, 23–26.
[2] Huang, Z. (2004) Combining Ar ion milling with FIB lift-out techniques to prepare high quality site-specific TEM samples. J. Microsc. 215, 219 - 223.



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