SEM and STEM Observation of Pd (Palladium) Particles
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Figure 4445 shows the contrast difference of Pd (Palladium) particles on a thin carbon film. The image (a) using SEs as well as BSEs clearly gives rich depth information, or three-dimensional (3-D) information, about the locations of the particles, while the STEM image cannot give such information.

SEM image of PdSTEM image of Pd

Figure 4445. (a) SEM image of Pd nanoparticles on a carbon support obtained using SEs and BSEs; (b) STEM image obained using transmitted electrons (TEs) with an ADF detector. Adapted from [1].



[1] Y. Zhu, H. Inada, K. Nakamura, and J. Wall, Imaging single atoms using secondary electrons with an aberration-corrected electron microscope, Nature Materials, 8 (2009) 808.



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