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This book (Practical Electron Microscopy and Database) is a reference for TEM and SEM students, operators, engineers, technicians, managers, and researchers.




JEM-ARM 200F, a modern TEM, has been integrated with aberration correction into a super-shielded electron column that safeguards the ultrahigh-powered optics from environmental interferences. The completely new electron column design in this type of microscopes provides atomic spatial energy resolution as well as high probe currents, enabling both atom-by-atom imaging resolution and unmatched spatial resolution for atom-to-atom chemical mapping of materials, including EDS and EELS. Figure 4460 shows the resolved Si (silicon) structures by UT-SA JEOL JEM-ARM 200F. Figure 4460 (b) demonstrates that HAADF image gave at least 78 picometer spatial resolution. Clearly, these high resolution microscopes can be used for sub-atomic research.

High resolution image from JEM-ARM 200F

Figure 4460. (a-b) Bright field (BF) and HAADF STEM images of Si [110] taken at 200 kV on JEOL JEM-ARM 200F. The HAADF image shows spatial resolution down to 0.078 nm, while the BF image resolves spatial information < 0.1 nm. (c-d) Bright field (BF) and HAADF STEM images of Si [110] taken at 120 kV on JEOL JEM-ARM 200F. Both the HAADF and BF images show spatial resolution down to < 0.1 nm.



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