Temperature Increase/Heat Generation in FIB Deposition
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The temperature rise of specimen during FIB deposition varies depending on specific conditions of the specimen structure and FIB settings, for instance:

         i) The local rise of temperature during FIB deposition was experimentally investigated based on FIB fabricated thermocouple by Shukla et al [1]. They concluded that the temperature rise mostly varied from 50 to 330 °C, depending on the thermal conductivity of the substrate.

         ii) The temperature rise is from 142 °C at the interface of SiO2/Si substrate to 1000 °C at the top of the deposited Pt when Pt is being deposited on a ~200 nm thick SiO2 layer, and the temperature at the interface between the deposited Pt and SiO2 is about 350 °C. [2]









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[2] Lee Knauss, ISTFA 2005 Proceedings of the 31st International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis November 6–10, 2005.