Precursor Gases used in Ion-beam/FIB/Electron-beam Induced Depositions
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Table 4523. Precursor gases used to deposit materials in FIB.

Deposited materials
Precursor gases
Beam ions
Al Trimethyl aluminum (TMA) Al2(CH3)3   [2]
Trimethylamine alane (TMAA)   [3]
Triethylamine alane (TEAA)   [3]
Tri-isobutyl aluminum (TIBA), Al(C4H9)3   [4]

Dimethyl gold hexafluoro acetylacetonate C7H7O2F6Au

  [5, 6]
Naphthalene {C10H8}, or C14H10
Naphthalene (C10H8)   [7]
Cu Cu(hfac)TMVS   [8]
Iron pentacarbonyl {Fe(CO)5}
Si(OCH3)4   [9]
Tetraethyl Orthosilicate {Si(OC2H5)4}, or C4H16Si4O4

A combination of siloxane and oxygen gases

Pd Palladium acetate [Pd(O2CCH3)2]3   [11]

(methylcyclopentadienyl) trimethyl platinum C9H16Pt

  [12, 13]
Methyl cyclopentadienyl trimethyl platinum {(CH3)3Pt(CpCH3)}, C5H5Pt(CH3)3, or (CH3C5H4)(CH3)3Pt
Tungsten hexacarbonyl {W(CO)6}
Tungsten hexafluoride WF6   [14]
Tungsten hexafluoride, WF6   [15]
Insulator (TEOS) (C2H5)4Si   [16]
Ta Pentaetoxy tantalum, Ta(OC2H5)5   [14]
PMTA, Ta(OC2H5)5   [14]

The materials deposited in FIB normally contain impurities. For instance, FIB-deposited tungsten material can consist of approximately 80% W, 5% O, 5% C, and 10% Ga if W(CO)6 precursor and Ga beam are used.









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