Mott Differential Cross Section of Elastic Scattering
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The Mott differential cross-section [1] is given by,

                Mott differential cross-section ---------------------- [4552]

where θ -- Elastic scattering angle
          f(θ) and g(θ) -- Scattering amplitudes

The Mott cross-section derived from the relativistic wave equation of Dirac can be applied to calculate the elastic scattering of low-energy electron in materials.

Table 4552. Single and multiple electron scattering.

Single scattering
Lenz model, Mott cross-sections
Multiple scattering
Poisson distribution








[1] N.F. Mott, H.S.W. MasseyThe Theory of Atomic Collisions, 243, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1949.