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This book (Practical Electron Microscopy and Database) is a reference for TEM and SEM students, operators, engineers, technicians, managers, and researchers.



Hybrid TEMs have SEM capabilities: they collect BE that exit the incident-beam side of thin specimens, and they collect SE and X-rays from both sides.

As an example, Figure 4561 shows the  schematic illustration of HD 2700C electron microscope which can be used to simultaneously record SE (secondary electron) image using SE and backscattered electrons (BSE), bright- field (BF) STEM image using transmitted electrons (TE) scattered in the forward direction, and annular dark-field (ADF) STEM image using transmitted electrons scattered at large angles. The three images were obtained from Pd/C catalysts in the same area of the carbon support. It can be seen that the BF, ADF, and SE images are complementary. Furthermore, the positive bias of 10 kV in the Hitachi SE detector above the sample is applied to collect low-energy electrons generated at the surface of the specimen for ultrahigh-resolution  SE imaging. The positive electric bias of 50 eV on the specimen can suppress the escape of the SEs (with ≤ 50 eV) from the surface, but allow the backscattered electrons with higher energies reaching the detector.

Schematic illustration of HD 2700C electron microscope

Figure 4561. Schematic illustration of HD 2700C electron microscope. [1]







[1] H. Inada, D.Su, R. F. Egerton, M.Konno, L.Wu, J.Ciston, J.Wall, Y.Zhu, Atomic imaging using secondary electrons in a scanning transmission electron microscope: Experimental observations and possible mechanisms, Ultramicroscopy 111(2011)865–876.



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