Examples of Collection and Convergence Semiangles used in EELS
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EELS and EFTEM signals in TEM are always obtained from inelastic scattered electrons at small scattered angles (< 1°). Table 4715 lists examples of collection and convergence semiangles used in EELS.

Table 4715. Examples of collection and convergence semiangles used in EELS.

Convergence Semiangle
Collection Semiangle
Probe current
Special considerations
Oxidic materials
≤ 1.5 mrad
7.6 mrad
Pb(Zr0.3Ti0.7)O3 (PZT)
8.8 mrad
18 mrads
~0.02 nA
Reduces damaging the PZT film while still obtaining reasonable signal to noise
16 mrad
11 mrad
5 nA









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