Difficulties/Challenges of EELS Measurements
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There are many difficulties in EELS measurements, e.g. beam damage and sample drift. Some problems are not so common but happen in some materials. For instance, in most cases, EELS measurement on Ce2O3 can be unsuccessful because of the rapid oxidation of the sample during its transfer into the TEM system. [1]

Practically, EELS analysis is much easier and probably more accurate if the core-loss edges of the elements in the specimen are well separated in energy.




[1] Ikuo Nishida, Kazuyoshi Tatsumi and Shunsuke Muto, Local Electronic and Atomic Structure of Ce3+-Containing Fluoride/Oxide Determined by TEM-EELS and First-Principles Calculations, Materials Transactions, Vol. 50, No. 5 (2009) 952 - 958.



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