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Partial, Integral and Total Cross-Sections
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Table 955. Partial, integral and total cross-sections for inner-shell ionization.

  Partial cross-section Integral cross-section Total cross-section [2-9]

A partial cross-section specifies the probability of a specific shell scattering through angles up to a specific angle and with energy losses covering an energy range above an ionization energy [1]


Computed using the Born approximation for elements of low atomic number bombarded by electrons of energy >30 keV, based on a hydrogenic model with Zener screening constant. [1]
The model is consistent with Auger, X-ray and energy-loss measurements. [1]

Note that for large collection angles, the partial ionization cross-section, σ(β,Δ), becomes the total ionization cross-section, σ(Δ). The measurement of the total scattering cross section can be done using unfiltered images, i.e. on a microscope not equipped with an energy filter or EELS spectrometer. [10]









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