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The goal of the chat groups:
        i) Discuss scientific and engineering problems in your fields related to Electron Microscopy, Devices, Materials and Biology worldwide.
        ii) Survey from the chat group members:
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What is your responsibility:
        i) You need to provide your information to this group:
                Full name, country, (organization), field of expertise or field of your study, (and others). The items in the brackets are optional. The provided information is internally published on this webpage protected with username and password which cannot be distributed outside the chat groups.
        ii) Active discussion and help each other
            ii.a) The spirit of the groups here is that all group members are not only information receivers but also contributors.
            ii.b) We want this group here to be a very helpful and friendly place for every group member.

What you can do:
        i) Share publications.
        ii) Discuss questions.
        iii) Find and post job opportunities.
        iv) Recruit.
        v) Invite any experts/graduates in the fields related to electron microscopy to the chat group.
        vi) View survey results and information of group members (password protected: open for group members only):
        vii) Others ...

What you cannot do:
        i) Discrimination. This is a global chat, discrimination is not allowed here.
        ii) Commercial advertisement without permission.

Electron microscopy (EM) and Microanalysis Electron microscopy (EM) and Microanalysis: To avoid random visitors to the chat group, please add me to pull you in. Yougui WhatsApp

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To avoid random visitors to the chat groups, please contact me through WhatsApp (by scanning the QR Code on the right side) to add you to the group chat. You will need to provide me the neccessary information mentioned above and the group names you are interested in. Note inactive group membmers will be removed from the groups without exception. Definition of "inactive group members": The group members do not provide weekly contribution to the group through the corresponding chats.

Please let me know if you are interested in other chat groups in any topics which are not listed above. If your insteresting group does not exist yet, then you will be in the waiting list. Once the group is created with enough experts, then you will be added.

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