英语形容词大战—— 学会批评与抱怨的形容词!


【Kim’s Note】In the last issue we gave you a list of lovely adjectives to flatter and praise everyone and everything. In this issue we are giving you just the opposite. These are negative adjectives that will be just as useful!

1.angry: filled with anger
* There is nothing worse than having to face an angry wife.
* I was angry with him for keeping me waiting so long.

2.awful: very bad; dreadful
* I’m sorry to be so short-tempered but I have an awful headache.
* The film was awful.

3.boring: not interesting in any way
* There is no way I am sitting through another boring meeting.
* He is about the most boring person I’ve ever met.

4.careless: not taking care; inattentive
* My son could get better grades if he wasn’t so careless.
* He’s a very careless driver: he never thinks about what he’s doing.

5.cunning: clever at deceiving people
* I don’t trust your new secretary, she’s just too cunning.
* He’s a cunning old fox.

6.depressing: make one feel depressed
* I hated that movie. It was too depressing.
* It’s a totally depressing thought.

7.gloomy: sad; depressed
* I don’t know why you stay in such a gloomy room all day when the weather is so beautiful.
* What are you so gloomy about? Cheer up!

8.hopeless: showing or giving no hope; useless;
没有希望的;令人绝望的; 没用的
* I just have to give up on you. You’re just hopeless.
* It’s hopeless trying to convince her.

9.impatient: not patient; unable to wait for something
* My teacher is too impatient. She yells at me every time I make a mistake.
* Don’t be impatient! The bus will be here soon.

10.inconsiderate: not considerate; thoughtless; not thinking of other people
* I don’t know why I married such an inconsiderate man.
* He’s often inconsiderate to his family.

11.indifferent: not interested in; not caring about or noticing
* I don’t have any feelings toward him. I’m completely indifferent.
* How can you be indifferent to the sufferings of starving people?

12.jealous: want to get what someone else has; envious
* You’d better not talk to her. Her husband is an extremely jealous man.
* He is jealous of our success.

13.miserable: poor in quality or quantity; too small
* How can I keep a family on such a miserable wage?
* My father was a miserable man. He was always complaining.

14.nasty: unpleasant; disgusting
* Who’s that nasty old woman?
* This room has such a nasty smell.

15.ridiculous: silly; absurd
* What a ridiculous idea!
* You look completely ridiculous in that outfit.

16.selfish: thinking first of one’s own needs without concern for others
* He’s too selfish to think of lending me his car.
* You're the most selfish person I ever met.

17.stubborn: determined not to give way; strong-willed; obstinate
* I knew you’d be too stubborn to listen!
* You are as stubborn as a donkey!

18.unfortunate: not fortunate; unlucky
* I was unfortunate enough to lose my keys.
* I’m sorry to hear such unfortunate news.
第三部·第四节 形容词大战!
Kiss-ass: to flatter someone to gain advantage and approval.
*That guy will kiss-ass his way to the top.
*He is a little kiss-ass bastard who'll do anything to get ahead.
1Cool: great; excellent; unusual
Cool is the first word on this list because people have become so lazy and careless about speaking that they use“cool”to describe everything and everyone. One word replacing so many adjectives is an example of the poverty of language. In any case, using the word“cool”will make you sound...cool! (modern, with-it, hip, up-to-date, stylish, contemporary, intelligent, etc.) Get the picture? That's cool.
*What a cool guy!
*This chick is so cool-no matter what happens.
*She is totally cool and easy-going.
2Accommodating: eager to help or please; obliging
*The tour guide was very accommodating when we asked to see a Beijing Hutong.
3Active: engaged in action or activity
*He is not as active as he was.
4Admirable: praiseworthy; excellent
*She's an admirable administrator.
5Adorable: very attractive; charming
*What an adorable child!
6Amazing: overwhelming; surprising; astonishing
*My mother is an amazing woman.
7Amusing: entertaining; attention-getting
*He tried to be amusing, but I didn't respond.
8Artistic: showing skill in how something is done
*My brother is very artistic.
9Attractive: providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance
*Her dark eyes are very attractive.
10Beautiful: excellent in appear ance; good-looking; attractive
*She is beautiful and has beautiful personality.
11Big-hearted: generous; kind
*Our boss is very big-hearted.
12Brave: showing courage; unafraid of danger
*Try to be a brave man!(做一个勇敢的人。)
13Bright: quick to learn; intelligent; smart
*He has a lot of bright ideas.
14Brilliant: having or showing great intelligence or talent
*I have taught a lot of brilliant students in my life.
15Capable: having power and ability; competent
*She is my most capable student/employee.
16Calm: free from worry; composed; collected
*He remained calm throughout the crisis.
*He is a very careful typist.
18Caring: showing concern for others; compassionate
*Kim is an extremely caring teacher.
19Charming: delightful; pleasing
*She is a charming young lady.
20Cheerful: good spirited; happy
*Li Yang is a cheerful teacher.


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