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EDS Measurement of Zinc (Zn)
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Figure 1317 shows an EDS spectrum of a pure zinc (Zn) material.

EDS Measurement of Zn

Figure 1317. EDS spectrum of a pure zinc material.


For thick TEM samples, k-factor correction due to X-ray absorption is needed in order to accurately quantify EDS measurements. Table 1317 lists examples of thicknesses at which the thin-film approximation is no longer valid due to X-ray absorption effects in specific materials. In the Al-7% Zn case, the Zn X-rays are not absorbed because of the higher energy of its X-rays.

Table 1317. Examples of limits to the thin-film approximation caused by X-ray absorption: Maximum thicknesses of thin specimens for which the absorption correction (or error) is less than ±10% and ±3%.


10% error in kAB
3% error in kAB
Absorbed X-ray lines
Primary X-ray lines
Thickness (nm)
Al-7% Zn
336 94 Al Kα Al Kα (1.486 keV) and Zn Kα(8.63 keV)