X-Ni Phase Diagrams
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The phase diagram of nickel silicides is very complex and consists of various phases (some are shown in Figure 2475a). For instance, there are three polymorphic Ni3Si structures (β1, β2 and β3), Ni31Si12 (γ), NiSi3(D03, D022), Ni5Si2 (D8h),  two polymorphic Ni2Si structures (δ = C23, and θ = B82), Ni2Si (C37, D03, D022), Ni3Si2 (ε), NiSi (MnP), NiSi2 (α= CaF2, β),  Ni3Si2-ε', NiSi2 (CaCl2 = C35), and NiSi (L10). Even at room temperature, there are still 6 stable phases: Ni3Si, Ni31Si12 or Ni5Si2, Ni2Si, Ni3Si2, NiSi and NiSi2. [4]

Al-Si phase diagram

Figure 2475a. Si-Ni phase diagram.

The Ti-Ni phase diagram

Figure 2475b. Ti-Ni phase diagram. [1-3]




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