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Table 1255a. Gatan MultiScan family of cameras.

Model Number Camera CCD Size Dynamic Range Cooling Mounting Anti-Blooming Retractable Sensor
791 MultiScan 1024 x 1024 14-bit Peltier 35-mm port Yes Yes
792 BioScan 1024 x 1024 12-bit Air 35-mm port No Yes
794 MultiScan 1024 x 1024 14-bit Peltier Bottom Yes Yes
794 GIF MultiScan 1024 x 1024 14-bit Peltier End of GIF Yes No
794/20 MegaScan 2048 x 2048 14-bit Peltier Bottom Yes Yes

Table 1255b. GIF Quantum and GIF Tridiem.

GIF Quantum GIF Tridiem
Model Number
Model 963
Model 965
Model 966
Model 863
GIF Quantum SE
GIF Quantum ER
GIF Quantum ERS
GIF Tridiem
Filter resolution (eV FWHM)
Isochromaticity (eV P-P)
Distortion (% max)
Chromatic dist. (% 50 eV)
Ssize of entrance aperture (mm) 2.5 mm (aperture for high resolution EELS) & 5 mm (aperture for routine EELS): Improved collection efficiency for aberration corrected STEM EELS 2.5 mm, lower collection efficiency
  9 mm: Large field-of-view energy filtered imaging, mapping and diffraction with narrow slit widths  
Energy field-of-view (eV) 2000, Capture a broader range of edges in a single spectrum for simplified quantification  
Spectral rate (1/s) 1000, High-speed, dose-efficient STEM EELS spectrum imaging for detail rich mapping  
Camera readout Dual-speed camera readout results in low-noise imaging and high-speed viewing from the same detector  
Fast camera modes
1 µs electrostatic shutter  
Advanced BF/DF detector  
Minimum operating voltage
60 kV
80 kV
Maximum image distortion
Fast spectrum offset
2 keV
1 keV
Spectroscopy field of view
2 keV
1 keV
30 fps (512 x 512)
5 fps
Spectra per second
Electrostatic shutter 1 µs, Acquire images and spectra with unprecedented exposure control and dynamic range  
Optics Dodecapole-based optics results in outstanding energy resolution and very low image distortions  

Table 1255c. Options and upgrades.

Item Functions
963.U1 High-speed camera and shutter
963.U2 Advanced BF/DF Detector
963.U3 DualEELS results in effortlessly measure precise energy shifts and apply advanced quantification routines for a new level of EELS analysis
963.U4 High-speed 2 kV Spectrum Offset Module
963.U5 STEMPack™ with Advanced BF/DF Detector
777.U1 STEMPack™ - BF/DF not included
777.U2 STEMPack™ - HighSpeed SI Upgrade
806 HAADF STEM detector system
702.90 Advanced AutoFilter® Suite