EDS Measurement of Hafnium (Hf)
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In practice, for Hf (hafnium) EDS analysis, the Mα X-ray line (1.644 KeV) or the Lα1/Lα2/Ln lines (~8.00 KeV) can be used for both qualification and quantification.

In some cases, the detection of Hf elements using EDS technique is difficult. For instance, when SEM-EDS is used to measure Hf-doped zircon (Hf-ZrSiO4) crystals, the detection of small Hf contents is not efficient because the Si-K line overlaps the Hf-M series and the peak-to-background ratio for the Hf-Lα line at 7.9 keV is very low due to its weak intensity.