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EDS Measurement of Argon (Ar)
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Argon contents are often detected in EM (TEM or SEM) samples in the two cases:
         i) The EM samples are milled or finally cleaned using argon ion beam sputtering. This argon contamination is extremely severe especially when high angle milling is used.
         ii) The analyzed films are produced using PVD (physical vapor deposition) technique with argon bombardment. The atomic radius of Ar+ is 0.154 nm, and thus generally argon is believed to be incorporated at grain boundaries.

For instance, Figure 1244 shows EDS data taken from TiB2 materials prepared with argon bombardment. The EDS analysis strongly suggests that a large amount of argon was incorporated into the growing TiB2 film.

Presence of argon ArKα1 showing the existing argon in the coated film

Figure 1244. Presence of argon Ar Kα1 (2.957 keV) showing the existing argon in the coated TiB2 film. Adapted from [1]







[1] D. E. Wolfe and J. Singh , Synthesis and characterization of TiBCN coatings deposited by ion beam assisted, co-evaporation electron beam-physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD), Journal of Materials Science 37 (2002) 3777 – 3787.