Two-dimensional Hexagonal Atomic Sheet
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Some crystals consist of two-dimensional (2D) hexagonal atomic sheets. For instance, Figure 127 shows the atomic arrangement of TiSi2 crystals C49. The TiSi2 C49 has two Si sites: Si1 and Si2. Si1 is in the form of a two-dimensional hexagonal sheet, while Si2 forms a zigzag chain. Note that only the nearest-neighbor Si–Si bonds are connected.

Crystal structures of C54 and C49 TiSi2

Figure 127. Crystal structures of TiSi2 C49. [1]




[1] Mizoguchi T., Tanaka I., Mizuno M., Adachi H., Hashimoto T., Inui H., Yamaguchi M., Defect and electronic structure of TiSi2 thin films produced by co-sputterings. - Part II: Chemical bonding and electron energy-loss near-edge structures, Acta mater. 49 (2001) 2321–2328.



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