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Troubleshooting Related to DigiScan
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The most common problems related to DigiScan are below:

I) If you see a message "DigiScan is not found by DigitalMicrograph" in the output window or "Unable to detect a DigiScan to use." as shown in Figure 1276 when starting DigitalMicrograph, do the following.

Error message example when starting DigitalMicrograph

Figure 1276. Error message example when starting DigitalMicrograph.

Solution i:
         i.A) Check the Debug tab of DigitalMicrograph’s output window.
         i.B) Often there will be an error message explaining why the DigiScan was not found.
         i.C) Right click "My computer", and then go to "Properties".
         i.D) Go to "Device Manager".
         i.E) Check that the GFA shows up under the correct 1394 Devices heading.
                  i.E.a) If no GFA is seen in the Device Manager, check the FireWire connections between the PC and DigiScan.
                  i.E.b) If the GFA is seen in the Device Manager and installed correctly, try a Disable/Re-enable cycle:
                           i.E.b.1) In Device Manager, right click on the GFA and select Disable
                           i.E.b.2) Wait a few seconds, then right click again and select Enable

Solution ii:
         ii) Unplug the FireWire and plug it into other ports on DigiScan box and/or PC to try to fix the failure.

Solution iii:
         iii) If solution i above did not work in the DigiScan failure, then replace the DigiScan with another one, in the same model (e.g. DigiScan II), taken from a tool in your lab.

Solution iv:
         iv) Electrically ground the box to see if this DigiScan failure is caused by poor grounding.


II) DigitalMicrograph hangs during startup when DigiScan Plug-in.dll is loading [1]:
         Reason: This is usually due to a bad FireWire connection.
         Solution: Reseat the connections on both the PC and DigiScan.


















[1] Gatan Driver Installation Appendices, from internet.