Temperature Dependence of Unit Cell Volume in Crystals
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Unit cell volume of crystals depending on temperature can be given by,

          V(T ) = VTr exp[α(T − Tr)] ----------------------------- [1718a]

          T -- The temperature,
          V(T ) -- The unit cell volume at the temperature T,
          VTr -- The unit cell volume at the reference temperature Tr,
          α -- The thermal expansion coefficient.

In many cases, one can assume that α has a linear relationship with temperature, given by,

          α = a0 + a1T ----------------------------- [1718b]

          a0 and a1 – The constants for a specific crystal.



[1] Y. Fei, in: T.J. Ahrens (Ed.), A Handbook of Physical Constants: Mineral Physics and Crystallography, vol. 2, American Geophysical Union,
Washington, DC, 1995, pp. 29–44.



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