Nucleation Rate
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Based on classical nucleation theory, the nucleation rate R can be given by,

        nucleation rate R ----------------------- [1723a]
             = n*β ----------------------- [1723b]

         N -- The total number of nucleation sites per unit volume,
         ni -- The number of available atoms at interface,
         v -- The jump frequency,
         k -- The Boltzmann constant,
         p -- The probability that the atomic jump will be in the proper direction,
         Ea -- The activation energy for the atomic jump across the interface,
         ΔG* -- The Gibbs free energy at the critical radius,
         n* -- The average population of critical nuclei,
         β -- The diffusion of atoms to the cluster.

The average population of critical nuclei is given by,

        nucleation rate R ----------------------- [1723c]

The diffusion of atoms to the cluster is given by,

        nucleation rate R ----------------------- [1723d]

Equation 1723a indicates that the nucleation rate increases exponentially as the temperature is increased.



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